How to get 100k visitors per month. It is my SEO challenge.

There is nothing like free beer. I am Czech so I should know. The same principle applies to building a website with a significant and steady traffic. There is no free traffic without any effort. Reaching the objective is a bumpy road to reach the target. On the other hand, you can find many success stories (because nobody likes to publish failures). They usually share the same core principle Рyou have to stick to your initial plan and stay positive, motivated and focused. You need it because it takes the time to build a website that gets thousands of visitors in a single day. Founders of such sites spend more time planning and designing the great content than employing sophisticated SEO techniques. However, they find an efficient and working mix of different practices to enjoy the success. This will also be my SEO challenge.

This is not a blog about sophisticated SEO techniques. My life learning is that the simple things work best. Moreover, it is not about the content development. It is a blog about my journey how to get 100k visitors from search engines in a month. It is a long-term activity and writing about the journey will allow me sticking to my objectives. I am not a patient person. I am a lazy one. It is easy to abandon a project when you fail. You have to get up and go on. However, it is not easy. You will meet many challenges and obstacles on the way.

SEO Challenge: 100k visitors per month
SEO Challenge: 100k visitors per month

You can dream of a website that receives a lot of visitors and traffic from search engines and social media. You dream of all the free time you will have. You will have no financial worries, and your cash flow will be robust and stable. I dream of one, too. I would love to be like that guy on a couch. I would just travel around the world, and I would post several articles a month giving great advice to my beloved readers. It is a sweet dream. However, I am not there yet.

Easy SEO guy on a couch
Easy SEO guy on a couch

Generally speaking, I am a hardworking guy. I know it as I was promoted several times during my career life. I know how to set up my personal goals. I know how I should track my progress. However, I like to mark when the objective is reached apparently. That is the issue with the development of the website. Most actions are not visible immediately. It is a long-term and focused effort that pays off.

I am the HR manager, and I like Human Resources. That is my profession, and my website is entirely devoted to the modern HR Management practices. That is the topic of my site. It is fun for me to add some content however I feel lazy and tired from time to time. I have to find a plan how to stay motivated and enthusiastic.

The first obstacle on the journey is time. You can learn many SEO and social media practices. You can find how great they are. However, you have usually a full-time job, and you cannot spend 10 hours a day tweeting to your followers. You have to deliver your tasks and objectives at work first. You cannot allocate more than one hour per day to developing your website. It puts pressure on your patience because the organic growth is slower than for a website that adds new content quickly.

Moreover, you can find many general SEO tutorials. They usually propose to get more backlinks to your site. However, they do not help how to make it work. Nobody will link to you when you have no content. You can buy some. However, it is the best option to be banned from Google. You have to grow organically, and it takes time.

You have to find a way how to curate the appealing content. As they always say – the content is the king. However, you have to plan properly and stick to your plan. You cannot just accept proposals coming from others. You have to take notes, observe others, elaborate and improve your articles or blog posts.

You have to plan the structure of the website first. It was usually my show stopper. I reached the point when the change of the structure would be a painful procedure. Then I abandoned my website; generally at the moment when the traffic started to sound promising.

I know that I will be impatient again. I have to learn how to calm down and set my expectations realistically. This is also a part of my SEO challenge.