One Best Basic Free SEO Advice that saves money and time.

Each beginning is difficult. You are full of the energy and very enthusiastic. However, you should stop and breath deeply. You should not dream; you have to prepare your plan how you will build your niche. It is the best free SEO advice you can get. Do not rush, take your time. The Internet exists today; it will exist even tomorrow. Your idea needs some shaping; it is a strategic and creative process, that takes its time. The site is not just about the technology and search engine optimization. You have to think about the content first. The technology, social media, and SEO have to follow and support the core idea. Never start the web by optimizing the technology without knowing the requirements. The website is a project about the content and a consistent development approach. It makes the site unique. It is the best free advice for the beginner you can get.

The vision, the first driving idea, and the site structure are the critical success factors. On the other hand, no single new idea has the power to keep the entire website in a shape. It needs time to cultivate the idea; you need to conduct the competitive research. You have to find the way how to present the concept at its best. You see, there is nothing about SEO or modern technologies so far. Even, you do not have to rush to tweet the first message on Twitter. It can wait. Everything you need is your brain and a piece of clean paper.

Sure, you are a bright person. You know that you are smart. However, the website development is a long-term project, and you have to split into several phases or goals. Moreover, a few days or weeks spent by proper planning will not destroy your chance to succeed (usually). On the contrary, it can even make the content development smoother than without a detailed plan.

First Free SEO Advice
First Free SEO Advice

We always underestimate the planning phase. It is the phase where we have to put together the idea, structure, and services provided by the website. These are the key traffic drivers. It is not the optimization for search engines. It should support the site; it cannot act as the primary goal. That is the reason, why you should never touch the keyboard before you have finished the design of the underlying structure of the website.

We are not patient; we believe we can solve all issues and questions just when they come. We start the development of the website unprepared to answer basic and essential questions. We have no clue how the site navigation should look like. We have no idea about the user experience. We just know that we want to design a great website. However, that is not enough.

The issue is not visible in the beginning. It just grows as you add the content. One day, you just hit the wall because you cannot solve the issue without redesigning a significant portion of the site. That is the moment of truth. It pains believe me.

Do not spend time researching SEO techniques in the beginning. Draw the basic site structure and how you will manage the user flow. Be your visitor and think of benefits provided. Think about the value given by the site. It is more important than optimizing your home page. That is the best free SEO advice you can get.